I use the ESP Stealth model which provides the highest quality digital sound. I can dial out unwanted background noises while still hearing a bird flush, the sound of a dog’s bell, or my hunting partners talking in a normal tone while safegaurding my hearing from the sound of gunfire.

George Hickox – Renowned Bird Dog Trainer

It’s going to be a busy weekeend at Worlds, I cannot thank Electronic Shooters Protection enough for allowing me to continue Tournament hunting, Hunting and training bird dogs. Without their great product I would have to choose between hearing and bird hunting. Thanks ESP for an excellent state of the art product.

John Loeffler – Renowned Bird Dog Trainer

I wouldn’t trust my hearing protection to just any product. Not all products are created equal. Being a hunter and shooting sport enthusiast-it was important to find protection that was not only superior at the range, but also practical in the field. I required protection that allowed me the ability to hear game precisely without having to remove or adjust my ear protection. It was just as important that the protection be comfortable for long days on the range or in the field. I found everything I required in the elite model Electronic Shooter Protection (ESP) digital ear protection. I never go to the range or into the field without them.” You can read a published review by Nancy Jo at Womens Outdoor News

Nancy Jo Adams – Guru Huntress Columnist for Women’s Outdoor News

I have really enjoyed the ESP Dynamic Series Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Plugs I purchased from you in June 2011. So far I have had the opportunity to test them while shooting double rifles during practice, shooting skeet at the range, shooting handguns at the Sheriff’s Department range, and while hunting dangerous game in Tanzania. To date they have performed fantastic! I have written a short article about the ESP Dynamic and wanted to provide the link. Thanks for providing great products and excellent customer service!

Shawn C. Joyce – Diizche Safari Adventures

One of my biggest regrets in my hunting career was not taking care of my hearing early on. My father is almost deaf so I see first hand how important hearing is in leading a quality life. I tried various hearing protection during my career and have found ESP to unquestionably be the best. The quality of protection is second to none, but just as important to me is comfort. I can hunt the entire day without any discomfort and focus entirely on the hunt. Thanks to ESP for providing products that allow me to fully enjoy my hunting experience and quality of life!

Todd F. Cast – Professional Hunter, TNT Outdoor Explosion TV

I’ve been using ESP digital hearing protection for several years now and love them. I use them for competition shooting, teaching and hunting. I don’t have to worry about what hat to wear or how long I will be wearing them, the custom molding is comfortable for all day use. I have clear hearing protection without popping or any other distracting noises. My ESP digital hearing protection is awesome!

Tate Moots – NRA Tactical Rifle Champion

I purchased my ESP’s in 2002, and have used them extensively while hunting and shooting Sporting Clays for the past decade.

Two weeks ago, I broke the switch on the right ear, and sent it in for repair. Thanks for your prompt service!

Here is what I learned during those two weeks while without them: I did not realize just how much I relied on my ESP’s! Just wearing foam ear plugs, I found I couldn’t understand anyone (and taking them out to hear someone invariably resulted in hearing someone else shoot very nearby…), and, more importantly, I couldn’t hear the trap machines operate. It was a real eye-opener for me to realize just how much slower I picked up the target when I didn’t hear the machine.

To state the obvious: I love my ESP’s and won’t be without them – ever again.

Thanks for providing a great product, and for your great service!

Randy W. Travalia – Horse & Hunt Club