Versatile Digital Hearing Protection: When you’re out shooting, one of the most important weapons in your arsenal is your hearing. It allows you to sense where to point and when to shoot. Without it, shooting would be made impossible, so protecting and enhancing your own capabilities is always in your best interest, starting first with ESP’s Stealth.

Known for its versatility, the Stealth comes equipped with basic auto environmental controls that can help any shooter get a better sense of their environment, especially with wind and noise. With two channels and 12 bands at your disposal, you’re guaranteed optimal digital sound quality, enhanced by an advanced feedback control that eliminates any and all feedback that may disrupt your sound.

Also, an advanced compression circuitry cuts out all sounds above 90db, which can prove to be otherwise harmful. Its custom tuning will adjust to your particular hearing, enabling the most efficient and effective Electronic Shooters Protection. As our basic model, ESP’s Stealth gets the job done, plain and simple.

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*Smaller sized custom ESPs are only available with Tan Faceplate



100% Digital Quality • 20 dB • Power Basic Auto Environmental Controls • 100% Digital Quality Custom Fit P2i Aridion™ Nano-Coating Technology • Custom ProgrammingRotary Volume ControlOmnidirectional MicAdvanced Compression CircuitryAdvanced Feedback Control • Noise Reduction Circuits +/- 25 dB Passive Noise Reduction RatingInternal Wax Trap Low Battery Indicator Made in the USA • 2 Channels • 12 Bands

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