How Can Hearing Protection Help You Hunt?

How Can Hearing Protection Help You Hunt?When we discuss the virtues of our products in this blog, we typically focus on the risks of hearing loss associated with shooting firearms.

Hearing protectors are designed preserve the vital internal structures in your ears that allow your brain to interpret sound waves. When these structures are damaged, our hearing is permanently compromised.

But what if hearing protectors could not only preserve your hearing, but also improve your hunting performance? In fact, they can!

Improved Spatial Orientation

Our electronic hearing protection products are designed to filter out dangerously loud sounds, while allowing you to hear quiet sounds such as the rustling of brush underfoot. This can improve your ability to discern where sounds are coming from and where you are in relation to those sounds.

Heightened Alertness

Wearing hearing protection also tends to compel shooters to focus in on the sounds around them. This can improve your ability to perceive and quickly react to sounds that might otherwise get lost in the persistent white-noise you experience while out in the field.

Shock Reduction

Even for experienced hunters, anticipating the loud “bang” of a gunshot can cause a slight flinch which can wreak havoc on accuracy in critical moments. Filtering out these loud sounds with hearing protectors can make it easier to preserve your focus – and consequently your aim – when you shoot.

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