Debunking Common Gun Myths

glockNo matter how often you go hunting or take your gun to a shooting range, there are so many popular myths about firearms out there that even you may believe.

Most myths about guns come from the main way that people are exposed to them: movies and television.

Major Hollywood films and long running television shows have gotten a lot wrong about guns of the years, even when they serve an important role in the story. Take a look at some of the following gun myths and discover why they aren’t true.

Bullet Proof Vests

One of the most common twists you will see in movies and TV shows is someone getting shot, only to be completely fine because they were wearing a bullet proof vest the whole time. While many types of bullet proof vests can prevent the wearer from sustaining major gunshot wounds, they won’t make anyone completely invincible. A close range burst from a powerful shotgun or an assault rifle would still be a major threat, regardless of the type of vest you are wearing.


Another popular myth is that silencers make guns completely silent. This is something typically seen in a lot of movies and especially video games, but it simply isn’t true. For example, the average gunshot makes a noise that is about 150 decibels. A silencer can reduce this noise by 20 or 30 decibels, but a silenced gunshot is still loud enough to be heard across the street.

Pistol Barrels

Perhaps the most widespread myth perpetrated entertainment is that sliding back a pistol barrel means the shooter is ready to fire. Fact is the gun was already shot and sliding the chamber back will release the spent cartridge. This is especially true on semi-automatic handguns. Also cocking back the hammer on a revolver is usually unneeded.

These are just a few of the most common firearm myths out there. Moreover, holding a gun sideways when shooting compromises aim substantially.

Can you think of any other myths from your favorite movies? Feel free to add them to the comments below.