Why Digital Hearing Protection is Advantageous

Hunters, as well as gun range, backyard and target shooters can suffer serious and permanent damage to their inner ear drums when exposed to gunshots without wearing ear protection. Nevertheless, individuals will often neglect to use this protection, either because they are unaware of how significant the damage can be, or when their options consist of either awkward-fitting foam ear plugs, or bulky headphones that eliminate the natural sounds hunters rely on and prevent them from conversing with others.

Luckily, digital hearing protection, like ours at ESP, provides a solution. Our ear protection is neither cumbersome nor one-size-fits-all. Each pair is custom sized to your ears, providing a comfortable fit. They are also lightweight and easy to insert, and allow you to keep your focus on the target and your surroundings, rather than constantly readjusting your ear protection.

Electronic hearing protection will also permit lower decibel noise levels, like those from a conversation or the sounds around you in your environment, while still protecting from the louder sounds over 90dB. This extends the use of ESP’s hearing protection technology to many other fields.

Beyond all that, our product is incredibly durable. It will withstand countless hunting trips and visits to the gun range. With the benefit of protecting your eardrums from all types of noises, ESP’s digital hearing protection is a valuable investment for all gun owners.

For more information regarding our digital hearing protection for shooters, please feel free to contact us today.