ESP Retailers in New York, NY

Electronic Shooter’s Protection (ESP) works closely with local hearing specialists and specialized firearms distributors across the nation to bring innovative hearing protection to every state.  Electronic shooting ear and hearing protection in NYC from ESP is custom-fitted to your ears for optimal comfort and unparalleled efficacy.  Audiology services located near you can give you a perfect fit while ESP crafts your electronic hearing equipment based on your needs.

For over twenty years, ESP has perfected the design and technology within the earplugs to create complete hearing protection.  The light-weight, compact earpiece is molded to the shape of your ear so it fits comfortably and securely without slowing you down.  The electronic pieces inside actively filter sound around you, so you can hear normal conversations and even the soft sounds of passing animals while staying protected from the harmful sounds of gunfire.

ESP features a variety of designs with different features and levels of sensitivity.  Take a look at the product specs to learn more and contact Electronic Shooter’s Protection for more information on ordering your specialized hearing protection for shooting.