How to properly sight a gun

setting sightShooting a gun is no easy task in general, but trying to hit a target with precision accuracy will take more than just sheer luck. Utilizing the sight on your gun is one of the most important factors when shooting with accuracy, and you’ll need to know how to sight properly before you start shooting off soda cans from a picket fence.

In order to sight a gun, you’ll need to first mount the scope to the gun. You’ll need to acquire mounts that are designated to take as much recoil as the gun will produce. This is very important because, for instance, if you’re shooting a 30-06 and you’ve mounted a .22 scope, the end result will not be a good one. So, make sure you get the proper scope, mounts and mount them tightly using lock-tite on the screws if need be.

Next, you’ll want to gather materials like padding of some sort to prevent you from being sore after shooting, a rifle rest to reduce any error, at least 100 rounds of ammunition to start, screwdrivers for adjusting your scope, targets to shoot at and a pair of binoculars as well. Obtaining a bore sight will also make the sighting process go a lot smoother. Hold the gun steady while you use this to sight it, making sure that no part of the gun is resting on a hard surface. Without moving the gun, adjust your scope so that the cross-hairs are aligned on the same object.

After that is all set, set your scope to the highest magnification that gives you a clear image. Relax and start shooting at the target from however many yards you are alighted out. Once you cease fire and collect your target, any adjustments to the sight can be made and you can even sight from further out if need be.