Important Facts about Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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One of the things too many people experience these days is called “noise induced hearing loss.” It’s a permanent condition people get when they are exposed to high levels of noise for extended periods of time. For instance, someone who works in the subway or on the tarmac at an airport can easily suffer from noise induced hearing loss if they don’t wear some sort of hearing protection.


Indeed, it has been said that one in 10 Americans is dealing with some sort of hearing loss, making it harder for them to understand normal, everyday speech. They can hear others talking–sure–but they can’t figure out the words being said. Their hearing is damaged from too many hours of loud noises.


Did you know that excessive noise is the most common cause of hearing loss? It makes sense, doesn’t it? We are surrounded by loud noises in today’s fast-paced, noisy society. Trucks on highways, TVs and stereos blasting commercials, shows and concerts, as well as airplanes, sirens and crowded events are all involved in putting a full-on assault on your poor ears. Add shooting guns and it’s easy to see why so many people are dealing with noise induced hearing loss these days.


Inside your ears are hair cells. These cells get destroyed by too much loud noise, and when they’re dead they’re dead. In other words, the damage is permanent.


You can prevent noise induced hearing loss, though. Obviously, if you can avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises, that will help. If you’re at a concert and near the speakers, move to the back of the venue so it’s not “right in your ear(s).” The other, more effective solution to the problem is making sure you wear proper hearing protection when you’re at places filled with loud noises, like sporting events, gun ranges, or race tracks. You can invest in earplugs, earmuffs, or customized in-ear electronic protection devices, which ESP sells. If you’re serious about protecting your hearing, visit