For lots of sections in the country, hunting season has begun. Whether it’s turkey, deer, bear or pheasant, hunters are polishing off their rifles and firearms to take to the woods.
One thing they don’t want to forget, though, is their ear protection.
ESP offers a full line of hearing protection ear plugs to protect one of your most vital senses while hunting, your hearing!
ESP carries five hearing protection products to protect your precious ear drums, each of them custom-fitted to your ears, so there’s no excuse not to bring your electronic ear protectors with you to camp.
Not worried because you’re still young?
Even at a young age, people can start to lose their hearing. Think about it, repeated blasts at decibel levels that exceed 140. Studies have shown anything over 85 dB can affect your hearing, so you can see how multiple blasts at 140 dB a year can affect your hearing over time.
Once your hearing starts to go, and if you keep on not preventing it, it will quickly start to decline until you’ll be forced to wear something in your ear in order to hear: A hearing aid.
So make sure you take steps to protect your ears with state-of-the-art with electronic ear protection.
Protect your hearing now, so you can hear later.