Law Enforcement Hearing Protection Products

When working in the field of law enforcement, having your hearing at 100% is vital. Because of this, proper ear protection is one of the key elements required to work safely and effectively. Whether you’re shooting in target practice or in pursuit, having custom molded ear plugs will provide you with the electronic hearing protection you need. We have several different types of hearing protection ear plugs from Dynamic to Stealth, Elite or Silencer to maintain safety while not sacrificing the ability to hear around you.

Molded ear plugs are the best solution for your digital hearing protection assuring quality of sound and comfort in the same product. Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP America) offers custom molded ear plugs for all day comfort and multiple models of custom ear plugs for any shooting situation available in many different color combinations. Our ear protection is made with state of the art circuitry with noise reduction circuits to reduce hiss and static. Electronic Shooters Protection offers the finest in electronic hearing protection with fast and dependable service.

Top Quality Electronic Hearing Protection

Since 1994, ESP America has been providing top quality electronic hearing protection to hunters, shooters and law enforcement personnel. All of our shooting hearing protection, ear plugs come with a one year repair warranty and as always, we offer a variety of digital hearing protection to suit any budget. Call ESP America with any questions you may have and remember, with our custom molded ear plugs you will hear better and shoot better, no matter your passion!