Repair Submission

Please follow the below instructions for filling the form:

  • Complete the order form below.
  • Click “Complete Order”, which will email you a copy of your completed order form.
  • You’ll receive an order confirmation & further instructions by email.
  • The Order Form will be an attachment to the email. Open the attachment and Print.

If your ESP’s need repair…

1) Fill out the Repair Order Form below:


2) Click “Complete Order”, that will email you a copy of your completed order form.

Print the attached Order Form from the email you received.

Ship your unit(s) along with the order form to:

15290 Gadsden Ct
Brighton, CO 80603

Standard turnaround time for repairs is two weeks once we have your ESP’s in hand.

Out of Warranty – Standard Flat Rate Repair Pricing (does not include damaged or abused units):

Ownership 1-5 years: $100 per ear
Ownership 5-10 years: $150 per ear
Note: Physical Damage or Corrosion may cost extra
Over 10 years old: Call us at (303) 659-8844

* Return shipping is $15 via FedEx 2 Day Air
** All repairs include a new 1-year warranty
*** ESP is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments