ESP Retailers in Houston, TX

Whether you are hunting, target shooting, practicing or competing, repeated exposure to gun shots can damage your hearing and result in permanent damage.  Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) delivers unparalleled ear and hearing protection for shooting in Houston, TX, to keep all your sense sharp.  Specialized design and custom fitting through local dealers allows you to protect your ears without sacrificing comfort, stealth or awareness.

ESP’s state-of-the-art electronic designs filter noise by decibel level so you can hear normal sounds while softening the exposure to gun shots. Talk with friends in the field and hear animals and traps set while your hearing protection absorbs damaging sounds from any firearm.  Each piece is custom-fitted to your ears for maximum comfort and total protection in any situation.  Your electronic hearing protection stays in place, allowing you to stay active in the field, quietly stalk your quarry and be prepared for any shot at any time.

Local dealers in Houston, TX, can fit your electronic hearing protection to your needs and Electronic Shooters Protection will deliver your individualized design straight to your door.