There’s no better way to learn out about Electronic Shooters Protection in ear hearing protection devices than to read a testimonial about it.

When buying anything on the internet these days, reviews and testimonials have become more important than ever. With our trying the device out yourself, how would you know it worked? Trusting fair and unbiased reviews is part of the process.

Shawn Joyce from Diizche Safari Adventures swears by his ESP Dynamics

Check out some of the reviews on our website from experts who love our product and swear by it anytime they’re on the range, or in the field.

From the Huntress Guru, Nancy Jo’s review in Woman’s Outdoor News, to professional hunter Todd F. Cast’s review on our website, they are a must read before you purchase our product.

Shawn Joyce from Diizche Safari Adventures, wrote a 2,299 word review of his ESP’s he loved so much.

Randy Travalia, owner of the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, said “I love my ESP’s and won’t be without them – ever again.”

Now, is this blog biased on what ESP can offer, of course. But hundreds professionals and vendors across the United States who offer ESP products wouldn’t lie, or carry them on their shelves.

We sponsor back to back Olympic gold medalist Vincent Hancock, I mean, that alone is all you need to know for the best in ear hearing protection for shooting.

So whether you’re gearing up for another adventurous hunting season, or need ESP’s for law enforcement hearing protection, go ahead and take a look what people have said about our products. You won’t look elsewhere for better in ear protection than ESP.

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  • Kathy Graham

    How do I contact esp and how do I get fitted or mold made. Price on getting one color for right and diff color for left. Need for shooting

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