Immersive sound the way nature intended it.

So much of a successful day’s shooting relies on your ability to hear true sound. ESP’s are designed so nothing will get between you and the natural sounds that surround you. ESP delivers these natural sounds across a wide frequency range while the custom fit, sealed design protects you from the damaging sound of gunfire.

Superior sound quality = improved shooting results

Hear the sounds that give you a tactical advantage whether in the field or competing in an event. Be the first to hear the launch of a trap or the flush of a bird. Have normal conversation in a duck blind, talk with friends on the Sporting Clays course or easily communicate with your team in a tactical setting. All-the-while, your fragile hearing will remain properly protected from the damaging sound of gunfire.

Control the volume

Control volume at your fingertips with the easily accessible volume control nob. This simple, intuitive no-nonsense volume control allows you to quickly adjust volume without losing focus on the task at hand. You are the master of your environment by controlling how much sound you want to hear.

It’s hard to imagine any activity where sound doesn’t play a critical role. Why should hunting or competing in a shooting event be any different? You rely on sound clues to tell you what, where when and why. As a responsible shooter, you are required to take all things into consideration before pulling the trigger. Plugs just plug while ESP’s allow you to hear your surroundings.