The Top 8 Hollywood Real Life Gun Cameos

Hollywood is known for its shooting and glorifying gun scenes. Pretty much ever since motion pictures were big business, guns have played a big part of the movies. Throughout Hollywood history, there have been some pretty remarkable firearms. Here’s a breakdown of the top real life guns featured in big screen flicks.

#8 Christmas Story – Red Ryder BB Gun


This classic feel good movie has become a cultural part of Americana Christmas.  While the Red Ryder BB Gun, which is manufactured by Daisy, isn’t known for power, the humor and popularity of the scene makes this a must include in this list.

#7 Man on fire – Rocket launcher


The film industry often goes bigger than life.  This was the case and why this scene was chosen with Denzel Washington firing a rocket launcher out of the window to obliterate a SUV.

#6 DJango Unchained – Multiple guns “Candyland Shootout

django-unchained-set There is reason this movie scene is among the most bloody in recent history… actually there are two reasons. They are the Remington 1858 New Army cartridge revolver and the Colt 1851 Navy Percussion cap and ball revolver. Accurately portraying the effects the firearms would leave on anyone found on the wrong end of the barrel, Tarantino directed Django as graphically as possible- this particular scene especially. Giving Django two of the most powerful handguns produced before the 20th century for servicemen would ensure him victorious- fictional or otherwise.

#5 Scarface –  “Little Friend” Colt AR-15


No movie gun list can be complete without the “little friend” as one of the most memorable characters who has a special affinity for his firearm.  The Colt AR-15 in this clip is real but the attached M203 grenade launcher is a fake.

#4 Pulp Fiction “Divine Intervention” Scene

600px-Pulp-taurus1Tarantino grabs another spot in our list with this scene and while it’s true that Vince and Jules only had relatively nondescript .45 and a 9mm; the henchmen weren’t the ones with the hot heaters. The one wielding the gun envy in this scene is Robert Arquette’s character (now Alexis Arquette) with his Taurus Model 689 .357 Magnum. This gun, which Jules described as “bigger than he was,” has insurmountable accuracy, considering how much power it has and what one might gather watching the scene. Moreover, the revolver design with the exterior chamber cylinder is loud and powerful enough to be heard from 8 city blocks.

#3 The Untouchables “Stairway Shootout

420586-the_untouchables_originalThis scene made the list, again, not because of the protagonist(s) choice of gun, rather, for the antagonist’s. The so called “Stairway Scene” is not only among the most stylized, intense scenes in Hollywood history, it also featured one of the most notorious, cutting edge long-arm of the era. Wielded by one of Al Capone’s henchmen, the Thompson submachine gun, or “Tommy Gun,” was conceptualized for American GIs in World War I. It featured large caliber rounds (.45) and was incredibly compact. The storied rifle actually pioneered the concept of the automatic rifle.

#2 Dirty Harry “Feel Lucky?

maxresdefaultClint Eastwood casually and confidently fires off rounds and brings the bad guys to their knees thanks to his massive caliber .44 magnum as detective Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry. You would have the confidence and feel quite lucky to have Harry’s .44 magnum in any gunfight too. The .44 magnum was designed by Smith & Wesson and to this day is among the most powerful weapons you could hold with one hand. The .44 can stop a bear, blow down a door, and can accurately hit a target from over 50 yards. The recoil could put the unprepared flat on their back, but can easily stop a bad guy. So, “do ya feel lucky, punk?”

#1 Snatch “Desert Eagle V Replica

600px-Snatchdeserteagle2Now given no gun was actually fired in this scene speaks volumes of the true power of the .5 caliber Desert Eagle designed by Magnum Research. Vinnie Jones’ character Bullet Tooth Tony doesn’t even have to pick up his enormous pistol to frighten off his adversary replica-toting ‘gunmen. Plus, given the sheer enormity of the largest caliber production handgun ever made, it wouldn’t be justified to give this top honor to a movie scene featuring a firearm of anything smaller.

The film industry will continue to create dynamic shootouts as long as there is an audience to enjoy the action. It’s time to get yourself in on the action – if your ears are protected, of course. Our sound cancelling earphones can immerse you in any of these scenes, no matter what device you are using. Let us know in the comments if you think we got the list order correct or if we are missing a real gun from your definitive movie list.