Wet and blustery days in the field keeping you from wearing your electronic hearing protection? Put those fears to rest as ESP has updated their product line to include the P2i Aridionnano-coating technology that protects the hearing devices from water damage.

Enjoy all of the existing benefits of your favorite custom in-ear electronic hearing protection knowing that moisture won’t damage the intricate internal electronics, microphone, speaker, volume control and battery contacts.

The P2i Aridion nano-coating works by lowering the surface energy of the device. Instead of the water spreading and sticking, it forms droplets that allows moisture, sweat and humidity to bead up and roll away. The hydrophobic layer is 1,000 times thinner than human hair and ensures superior liquid repellency by protecting the entire device.

Not only will your ESP’s protect your hearing against the damaging effects of gunfire, they now guard against the harmful consequences of water infiltration.  Now Standard on all models.