Why You Need Amplified Hearing Protection for Shooting

Using amplified hearing protection while shooting provides several benefits, including a competitive advantage. These hearing devices amplify natural sounds like speech, a flushing bird, or a whitetail grunting while muffling harmful loud noises like gunfire.

Whether you’re a sport shooter, hunter, or simply enjoy shooting at the range, amplified hearing protection devices will:

1. Amplify the calls of game, the launch of a trap & other crucial sounds

2. Allow communication with others by amplifying speech

3. Preserve your hearing by muffling gunfire

4. Enhance your focus by reducing excess noise

Let’s explore each of these points further: 

Amplify Critical Sounds in the Environment

Certain sounds are crucial to your timing, aim, and tactics as a shooter within various settings:

Clay shooting: Clearly hearing the clays launch from the trap will give you that half-second head start to track, aim and shoot.

Hunting: Catching natural environmental sounds can be critical to your success. Having the ability to hear the subtle movement of prey in the brush or the flush of a bird may make all the difference between a kill and a missed chance.

General Safety: Environmental noises provide a host of information about your surroundings. Being safe and responsible means you’ll need to consider several factors before squeezing the trigger. Without hearing protection that amplifies soft sounds, you might miss these clues.

Communicate Better With Others

In addition to amplifying natural sounds from the environment, ESP hearing devices will pick up human speech. Being able to hear others and communicate is helpful in several ways.

While hunting, speaking with your companions makes it easier to coordinate, share observations, track, and enjoy being out in the field together. It can also help ensure there are no dangerous mix-ups with other hunters. 

Clay shooting is often a social sport, especially outside of competitions. The ability to speak naturally with friends and other shooters is a great luxury and convenience. If you take lessons, you will enjoy hearing your coach speaking at a natural volume without the need to yell.

Enhance Your Focus and Performance

With hearing devices that muffle loud noises like gunfire and amplify soft sounds like speech or environmental noises, it’s easier to find that quiet place during your pre-shot moment. We call this process Zen and the Art of Selective Hearing

As you probably know, that’s the state where you’ll achieve your top performance. Furthermore, your timing and aim will also be improved by tuning you into various natural sound clues.

Preserve Your Hearing

The noise from one gunshot can reach up to 190 decibels, which by itself is enough to cause permanent hearing loss. That being said, you can still lose your hearing with frequent exposure to 90 decibels. For these reasons, 50 million shooters are at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. 

Losing your hearing will cost you many moments in life. To name a few, concerts and movies will be a thing of the past while relationships with friends and family will change and involve more work to enjoy the same way you do now.

With recent innovations in hearing technology, you don’t have to choose between protecting your hearing and catching all the essential sounds while shooting. The latest devices muffle gunfire to a safe decibel range while allowing you to hear natural sounds and speech. 

Get Premium Amplified Hearing Protection Made for Shooters

At Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP), we offer high-end, custom-fit hearing protection devices with amplification capabilities. Our devices give you environmental volume control, allowing you to adjust how much sound you want to hear, and deliver these sounds across a wide range of frequencies.

Going above and beyond, our Apex model also has dynamic-wind noise suppression technology.

We manufacture our products in America, use P2i nano-coating technology to waterproof each device, and use a mold of your ears to create a custom-fit with optimal sound protection.

We offer four hearing device products across a range of prices and capabilities. Your purchase is covered by a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and discounted repair rates. A hallmark of our company is the quality of long-term support we offer. Our team in Brighton, Colorado, will be happy to help you out. 

Lastly, we’ve been in the business for over 25 years and carry a solid reputation in the hunting, sport, and competitive shooting communities. 

Explore Our Line of Amplified Hearing Protection Devices

We design ESP products so that nothing gets between you and a wide range of natural sounds around you while saving your hearing. This is why our ear devices are a top choice for shooters seeking amplified hearing protection products.

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